If you are require spare parts or manuals please contact me by email or telephone, the land line rather than the mobile is preferred as it has an answer phone and the mobile’s reception is not brilliant in this area..

I do not produce a price list but am happy to give you a price over the telephone or in response to an email.

I try to offer a reliable product at the best price I can subject to it being of good quality. If you compare prices you must take into account the quality. As an example bearings from China vary from the atrocious to top quality which is reflected in the price. There is no point in rebuilding a gearbox with poor quality bearings

If possible I try to ship the same day an order is received.


I am always happy to offer help and advice where I can.


Here you will find copies of the drawings from the spare parts catalogue and you can use the number of the item you require to avoid confusion.

Barry Thorne    |     PO Box 246, Dorking, RH5 5FU     |     Telephone:- +44 1306 711789‚Äč   From overseas:-  011 44 306 711789

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